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My Experience with Graft: Antonia Gifford

 23rd Oct 2018

Finding employment towards the end of my studies had begun to stress me. I did what every other student did: apply to jobs on miscellaneous websites. I would hope and pray that someone would get back in touch.

I was unaware of Graft until I received a phone call from Melanie Parker, the company director, whilst I was working an open day at my campus. I had been recommended by one of my lecturers – Graft's academic network spans throughout the North. Melanie informed me that she helps students with digital media-related degrees to find employment in Leeds. Already, she found my CV to be suitable for a specific role just outside of the Leeds City Centre. This was more progress than I had made in weeks, but she wanted to meet me first.

What now?

We met the next day. Not only was talking to Melanie like catching up with an old friend, but she made me feel extremely confident with what I was capable of, constantly praising my work and abilities. Because Melanie already had a job role in mind for me, there wasn’t any need for us to discuss any further roles. Applying for a million jobs at once would get me nowhere, as I already knew.

A taste of what’s to come

After meeting with Graft’s client – my potential employer – I felt excited that I had finally left a job interview feeling confident. They immediately understood both my strengths and weaknesses.

Later that evening, I received a call from Melanie. Her client wanted to have me come in and do a taster-day!


After the taster session day, I was thrilled to be told I would be the next addition to the Halston Marketing team as the Junior Marketing Executive.

I received a call from Graft to congratulate me immediately after the good news. Graft have consistently shown their support, and often check in to make sure everything is going smoothly.

The future

I am still in regular contact with Graft – I didn’t want to lose contact after all the effort she had put in to make sure I ended up in an industry where I felt comfortable.

Graft is still just as supportive as when they first initiated contact, and I will be forever grateful for all of their hard work and help towards my future.


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