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My Experience with Graft: Sophie Tawn

 22nd Nov 2018

After studying Physics at Durham University, I was starting to worry like most new Graduates about finding employment and I had slowly begun to doubt my abilities.

Though I had initially put a few feelers out to potentially start my career, I didn’t have a network of support available to offer any advice. Then, I got the call from Graft.

Honest Advice and a Depth of Knowledge

Graft’s director, Melanie Parker, wanted to informally interview me to get to know me a little better. All the way through the interview, Melanie diminished my fears and rebuilt my faith in my abilities.

I knew I did not want to pursue a teaching or academic career and I was very unsure about what my options would be. Melanie discussed various routes and options that I could take and helped me see my career opportunities in a whole new light. Most importantly, a client of Graft was looking for Software Engineers as part of a graduate scheme with a new Tech Academy.

The interview was tailored to make me at ease and it felt very supportive. I felt comfortable chatting with Melanie as if I had known her for a long time. Her obvious knowledge and understanding of the job and graduate markets was really comforting. That evening, when I got home to my mum, she asked why I looked so upbeat. Graft had been so incredible that they had solidified my confidence with just a little bit of faith!

It was the most relaxing, supportive and encouraging interview I had ever been to!

Disrupting Patterns

After the interview, Graft were very keen to see me interview for their client. I was a good fit, and Graft were doubly thrilled to put a woman forward for a career in tech. When women still only make up 17% of IT workforces, change is needed, fast.

I was so appreciative to hear they want to disrupt patterns in employment opportunities and support young, graduate women like me.


I was thrilled to be offered the position of Software Engineer soon after the group assessment day. Graft’s coaching through the interview process was so helpful.

Recently, as part of a staff induction day, other graduate employees and I were thrilled to see Melanie Parker in attendance. Graft continues to show unwavering support to all of us, and it feels fantastic.

I’d recommend this service to anyone. If you’re feeling insecure or a little confused about your career goals, you’d do well to get in touch with Graft!


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