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The Exception: How to Find Exceptional Employees!

 5th Dec 2018

Our team at Graft are constantly seeking out the best candidates to put forward for interviews with our clients.

The search process isn’t quite as complicated as other agencies will have you believe. For us, it’s actually very simple! We don’t look for just anybody, we’re looking for The Exception.


It’s Not Just About the Degree

When we’re out searching for skilled graduates to fill the gaps in your team, we’re not just looking for someone with a relevant degree. We use our immense network to find incredibly skilled and suitable candidates.

Many of these candidates have a matching academic interest in the job – for example, we may put forward an IT graduate for your tech company. However, at Graft, we like to get to know our graduates a lot more than just a quick look through their CV.

Through informal interviews, CV analysis, phone calls and general chit-chat, Graft are great at digging down and finding the key hidden skills of our graduates to make sure they’re the right fit for your company.


What is The Exception?

The Exception is the name we give to graduates who have a massively successful future ahead of them. These are the people we want to put forward to you!

These particular graduates have a wealth of experience that goes beyond their CVs. This includes having an incredible passion for their chosen career path, the drive and determination to succeed and the right personality for your company. Extra-curricular achievements, internships and more are also taken into consideration!

Surprisingly, this isn’t a needle-in-the-haystack find – they’re out there, and Graft can connect you to your future colleagues!


Get in Touch

Our director, Melanie Parker, has a vast network of connections and Graft can grab you the exceptional candidate you’re looking for!

If you’re a company in the north (big, small, start-up and all in-between!) looking for talented graduates to join your team and help it to thrive, get in touch via our contact page today.


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