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WTF?! Basic Acronyms You Should Know Going into a Computer Tech Career!

 19th Dec 2018

For computer science graduates looking to get into a tech career, you’re likely to have a good knowledge of relevant terminology. For those who studied an alternative subject, going into the tech industry can seem pretty daunting. There’s a million-and-one acronyms to wrap your head around – but don’t fret, Graft have got your back!

We’ve compiled some of the most commonly-occurring acronyms to help you along the way while you research for interviews.



HyperText Transfer Protocol (Secure) – As a regular internet user, you probably don’t bother to type this out, but it’s always there! This acronym acts as the core foundation for data transfer and communication on the World Wide Web.


Internet of Things – Be sure to do your research – it’s predicted that by 2025, 1 trillion devices will be connected to IoT networks! The Internet of Things allows people and objects to transmit information automatically over a network without the use of a computer or control from a person.


Software-Defined Everything – It’s getting complicated! This is an umbrella term referring to a vast group of tech functionalities that rely on software, not traditional hardware, to perform.


Internet Gateway – For newbies to tech terminology, an internet gateway you might be familiar with is the dusty modem in the corner of your living room. The one that you have to reset every few days! An IG is a node (router) in a computer network.


Software as a Service – This is a software licensing model that differs from bought-outright software packages. Sometimes referred to as software "on-demand", SaaS is a subscription-based model where software is hosted in the cloud and accessed by users online. 


Machine Learning – This is an incredibly common term in the software engineering industry. ML involves the implementation of algorithms into computer systems that allow the computer to make predictions or decisions without anybody present to program the task.


Artificial Intelligence – Not quite like the robots in that one Will Smith film, but give it a few years! AI, frequently called machine intelligence, is artificial intelligence. This means that unlike the natural cognitive capabilities of humans and animals, computers can be programmed to mimic problem-solving and learning.


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