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We Need to Fix the Gender Gap in the Tech Industry

 8th Jan 2019

From a young age, around three-quarters (73%) of all girls in the UK show an interest in STEM careers. So why is it that, in the middle of a tech-industry-high and with so much interest shown from women, we're seeing a steady decline of gender diversity in tech roles?

The Stats

One reason is because there is still a gender pay gap. There have been countless studies into the earnings, positions and career trajectories of women in the tech industry, and most reveal a bias towards men:

For anybody, the idea of a low-earning job in an industry that values you less than your peers is a harrowing and deterring thought, and its consequences are quickly starting to show. Following a peak in 1991 – with 36% of computing roles being occupied by women – the number of women in the industry has since reduced. Currently, women fill only 25% of computing roles.


School & Degrees

Considering the high number of inspired young girls wanting to step into the tech industry as adults, only 28% of computer science degrees are completed by women.

This means that, in addition to the off-putting gender pay gap in the tech industry, women are being deterred from a young age. This needs to change, and by looking at these statistics, it’s clear that the industry needs to fight for women.


At Graft, we want to help smash through gender stereotyping and gender gaps in all industries. We champion diversity and only accept the best for our graduates, so if you’re looking to reboot your career path towards your dream tech role, get in touch today.


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