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Our Experience Recruiting with Graft: Halston Marketing

 22nd Jan 2019

Life as a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) means time is everything. In an already-small team, it can be difficult to set aside a spare minute to consider the complicated hiring process, let alone start it.

Halston Marketing is a young but successful B2B marketing and corporate communications company, so growth is really important to us. When we spotted a gap for employment, we knew we needed to work with an agency who could match us with exceptional candidates while saving heaps of time—Graft was our knight in shining armour!

Graft is an Extension of the Team

Graft isn’t like a typical recruitment agency. Their priority was Halston Marketing and our success, meaning we were given constant support, encouragement and contact throughout the entire hiring process.

Graft took the wheel and were the driving force during the recruitment period. Immediately, we were pleased to see how quickly Graft were able to send skilled graduates our way.


Success After Success

Graft’s founder, Melanie Parker, coached us through the interview process to make sure we got the best out of our interviewees, but this wasn’t a difficult task—only quality and relevant candidates were introduced to us.

The proof is in the pudding: the initial interviews led to two full-time staff members getting to work within only a few weeks. For our company, Graft didn’t just save us time, but gave us two incredible colleagues whose skills we might not have been made aware of without Graft’s immense network.

Ultimately, Graft’s work has strengthened our team and has given us a boost towards exciting growth. We’ll definitely be a repeat customer and couldn’t recommend the Graft service more highly.


For more information on how Graft can provide exceptional graduate talent to help your company to grow, visit our contact page to get in touch.


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