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Why Diversity in the Workplace is Essential

 14th Feb 2019

Workplace diversity is essential.

Companies should always, always offer equal opportunity to all applicants by default. By doing this (the bear minimum), employers can help to fight the harrowing statistics that are stacking up against minorities seeking to build their careers and help to put minority voices above a sea of inequality and adversity.

Diverse hiring is key to inspiring new ideas, initiating massive success and opening new doors for a company. A diverse workforce has immense benefits to the success of a team.  

Why is There a Need for Change?

Earlier this month, we published a blog focusing on gender inequality in the tech industry. In the post, it’s noted that there’s a decline of gender diversity within tech roles.

As this decline continues, other industries are following suit. According to research, 41% of companies say they are “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives to improve their workforces, despite demand showing that 57% of employees seek an increase in diversity within their respective companies.

As long as companies resist inclusivity, there is a need for change. Even at Google, only 1% of the tech staff are black, 2% Hispanic and 83% are men.


Diverse Workforces

It’s important to provide equal opportunity for people of all identities, not only for the sake of building a better world for our future workforces, but currently, for the sake of our industries.  

Within a team in any industry, gender equality can help to increase the likelihood of above-average revenue, while racially-diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones by 35%. 

By diversifying a workforce, companies will open themselves up to a diversity of skills and grow their talent pool. For example, bilingual employees earn 10% more revenue!


How Can I Help to Implement Change? 

In Leeds, the minority population represents almost 18% of the total population of the cityAll hiring teams should offer equal opportunity to applicants and hire free of prejudice.

At Graft, we’re trying to create change in industries for minorities, for example, by putting women forward for exciting tech roles or retaining and placing minority talent in Leeds and local areas.


If you’re looking to diversify your workforce and you’re looking for some great, local talent, get in touch with our Graft team.


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