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Strange and Bizarre Job Roles in the UK

 6th Mar 2019

In the search for the perfect graduate role, would you take employment as a professional queuer for the right wage? How about a role as a bed-warmer? Or, even stranger, a pet food taster?

We’re sure the answer is no. At least to the last one. But there are plenty of strange and bizarre job openings in the UK that pay exceptionally well—you’d be looking at a salary of £20,000 to tuck into a cold tin of cat food.

So, what weird jobs are out there, and how much do they pay?


Tea Time

For those who love a good cuppa tea in the morning, you might want to consider getting your applications in for a role as a Professional Tea Taster.

You’ll get to travel the world with your new employer to taste hundreds of cups of tea while raking in an annual wage of £25,000!


Messy Work

Not quite as glamourous as jetsetting the globe drinking tea, but with a whopping salary of £45,000, is the occupation of Sewer Flusher.

Nevertheless, we’re sure they love their jobs as much as we love ours, and it’s got to be done!


Dog’s Dinner

Premium pet foods are often fit for human consumption, so big name companies employ Pet Food Tasters to test their smell and flavours.

For some, not even the annual salary of £20,000 could entice them to submit an application to this one.


Slip ‘n’ Slide

You might need to grab your armbands for this one—a relatively handsome £20,000 is on offer for those willing to test the “splash factor” of water slides!


Listen Closely

For those of us who are apprehensive to spend too much time on social media, you’ll want to skip over this career opportunity.

Titled Chief Listening Officers, these employees are paid £61,000 to monitor opinions and conversations surrounding their company’s brand on all major social media channels.


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