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Being The Exception: We Cover It All

 18th Apr 2019


Unlike other recruitment agencies, Graft don’t promise you the world – we actually deliver on the promises we make to our candidates, and we don’t just work with anyone. To be in our talent pool, you have to be something special; the exception.

The Exception Isn’t Just Anyone

Our team at Graft are constantly seeking out the best candidates to put forward for interviews by using our immense network to find incredibly skilled and suitable individuals.

The Exception is the name we give our outstanding talent pool of young talent who have an enormously successful future ahead of them, and the people we want to put forward to our clients! 


Who Else Will Give You the Time?

Just because our office hours are 9-5, 5 days a week, doesn’t mean we won’t stop helping both candidates and clients over the weekends and on evenings, we want to make sure that the North is full of exceptional talent, so if that means lack of sleep and a million coffee’s, so be it! It’s a good thing we love coffee back in the office!


What We Help With?

Whether your CV or Cover Letter needs a re-vamp or you need help refining your interview technique, Graft have you covered! We work with gradates with a wealth of experience that goes beyond their CVs and help cultivate this into finding them their perfect role. We’ll help direct passionate individuals into the chosen career path but won’t stop there. We’re always keen to see how our candidates are getting on and if we can help expand their network, we will!


At Graft, we’re loyal, and we stay loyal to both clients and candidates. There’s nothing worse than a recruitment agency that lets you down, so we make sure that, as well as our talent pool, we are the exception, too.


If you need help finding the exceptional employee or if you want to find the light leading to your dream career, get in touch with our team


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