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COVID19 - Tips for a Challenging Job Search

 27th Apr 2020

Tips For A Challenging Job Search

Tough times don’t last, tough people do...

1. Keep Calm

What we are dealing with now is unprecedented, none of us in our lives have ever experienced

anything like this and everyone is being affected in one way or another. Recognise what you can and can’t control and do your best to not let it overwhelm you, don’t make it personal. It's an anxious time to find yourself without a job or graduating university into a downturn for graduate hiring so I have written some tips to help you stay positive and to concentrate on what you can do to alleviate the situation for when the disruption to normal hiring practices stops and the markets recover.


Keep at it. Apply for jobs and don’t stop, here’s why? This will not last and prior to Covid-2019 we were not in an economic downturn; this is a global pandemic but once the worst is over the wheels will turn and turn fast so you want to be prepared to meet your future employers. This time will also give you some pretty good material for how to answer questions in interviews about handling difficult situations. According to LinkedIn resilience is also one of the top 3 traits employers want in their employees, and in times like this, we know why they are essential. Gather evidence in preparation for interview questions use the star technique to help you stay on point.


All a sudden we have time, and lots of it. It's enforced so it will not feel as delightful as it would under any other circumstances, but it provides an unparalleled opportunity for a number of very good reasons in connection to your job search. Research being one - Who would you love to work for? How well do you know the potential employers in your city or town? You can now research all of your possibilities. Look at corporates, SMEs, Start-ups and scale-ups, broaden your search. Forensically research companies that you would love to work for in detail look at their website, social pages, blogs, and events they are involved with, makes some amazing preparation for getting in front of them and gives you more employers to apply too. Look outside of your target area too, your skills may be able to be utilised in different settings, look outside of the obvious path and see what opportunities lie elsewhere.

4. Networks

Utilise your network, make part of your day a time to find new connections reach out with well-written introductions, look at industry news stories for example prolific north or Bdaily sign up to industry webinars you will learn from best in class for free, it will help with some industry jargon too. If you are a graduate find out what they are doing via their social pages, you can tell a lot about culture from this medium and follow on LinkedIn as standard. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to scratch too. Use this time to make it stand out, there are literally hundreds of videos on how you can do this.

5. Bespoke Applications

You have time now so no excuse for copy and paste or lazy applications get creative. Look at your CV – is it good enough? Be honest, then really honest whilst everyone else is in the same boat. Get your family, friends, colleagues or if you a student or graduate; your career advisors to give you advice, they are all working from home so reach out, Of course, there is Graft, we are more than happy to help and give you some credible advice too. After all, we recruit for some of the best companies here in the region and have hundreds of successful case studies under our belt. Write a well-crafted and bespoke covering letter written, these can amplify your suitability for the role, particularly if you are a bit light on experience. It gives you the perfect format to talk about your attitude and suitability for the role with a focus on soft skills.

6. Curiosity

Show it in any way you can. The trick here is to show how intrigued you are by a subject matter that you want to learn more and evidence it. This really does impress employers, they feel assured when you take your continued professional development seriously, it's major brownie points. If you are a graduate look into the technology that your sector uses and make sure you have the relevant tools. Courses on Google Digital Garage or Udemy are well revered and for the techies get a GitHub account to showcase your code. There are many others free or inexpensive ways to get your skills job-ready. Don’t let not having up to date knowledge push you to the back of the queue. Employers are impressed by extra curriculum activities; you don’t have to be the expert but if you can show that you are driven to learn and put your money where your mouth is, they will not judge you harshly. Read some business books post your recommendations on social, watch TED talks and share what you liked about a particular talk. Let future employers know that you are driven and take this stuff seriously, it will pay dividends.

So, before you start the next marathon binge on Netflix do some learning instead!

We hope some of these tips help, Graft is here to support you so reach out and talk to us.


Wonderful stuff GT. Mel Parker is well informed and well respected.
Posted on Friday, January 15, 2021 13:31 by Wayne Birthwright

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