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We Secured 19 Software Engineer Roles for Local Graduates!

 5th Nov 2018

Graft was born from our wish to challenge the stereotype of recruitment. We’re not just in the industry – we want to find positions for local graduate talent in their desired fields.

Graft’s most recent assessment event showcases how we succeed in achieving this. On Monday 24 September, 19 of our Graft graduates (Grafters!) were placed in software engineer roles following an incredible assessment day in the Leeds city centre.

The tech company

Mastek, a client of Graft, offer digital transformation solutions to their clients in the UK, US and India.

Having the opportunity to work with a global IT player like Mastek, from conception through to completion, has helped to drive our goal of retaining northern graduate talent.

The graduates

We welcomed candidates from 8 universities across the region, and all were equipped with an under- or post-graduate qualification under their belt.

In addition, Graft were determined to put more women forward for the available tech roles. Our founder, Melanie Parker, said this was a particular highlight from the event.

Assessment day

The assessment day involved a number of tasks set out for the graduates designed to test their social and organisational skills. These were conceived and organised by Graft and Mastek collaboratively – we believe strongly that there is more to a person’s skills than what is able to come through in just one interview. This included icebreakers, creative tasks and a small research challenge.

Graft were proud to stand at the sidelines as the group ploughed through the challenges. It was wonderful to see our Grafters working hard, showcasing the incredible talent that our region produces and displaying a strong team dynamic.

The future

Our Graft team can’t wait to see how our recent graduates thrive in their new software engineer roles.

At Graft, we’re always looking for more professional roles to put our graduates into. Already, we’re setting plans in place for more graduate intakes with Mastek.

Best of luck, Grafters!


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