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Hire a Grafter

We want to broaden out our offer as we appreciate as a startup or growing business cost can be an issue and we want to help.

Want to speak to a highly targeted group of potential talent for you business?

The issue with mainstream Job boards is there appeal is too broad. We want to zone in on a targeted group of grafters who want to understand where all of the local jobs are with the SME community.

Who wish to remain in the city but are not aware of the opportunities that exist.

We have launched our advertising route for you to detail your company and opportunity and significantly enhance your employer branding on our beautiful specialist job board.



    A boring Job description without reference to your culture and benefits just won’t cut it any more

    Grafters want to understand the broader appeal of your company


    Upload your vacancy and fill in as much as you can try not to copy and pastes it shows.

    Top 3 must haves - Salary - Location - Company culture and values, you can upload beautiful pictures to bring your culture and environment to life

    Our Job postings have been designed to take care of this for you


    Keep away from job titles that don’t make sense like digital ninja or CEO of discovery

    They are not searchable and easily recognised so your SEO will take a hit and they are confusing.

    Top tip include job title 3 times in your ad to enhance your SEO


    300 words is our guide focus on culture tell grafters why your company is great to work for

    Let existing employees describe why they love their job peer to peer works.


    Top talent will not even apply to roles with no salary details, full stop.

    These days benefits and working patterns are the top searchable terms they don’t have to be fancy you just have to show you care

We have overhauled the boring job post and designed it to max out your profile and make it memorable

Activate the Graft Network

Let our beautifully designed job board find your next hire