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We are Leeds best kept secret through 25 years of experience we have supported entrepreneurs, start up, SMEs and scaling businesses, as your business grows you will spend a significant amount of time trying to recruit the best available talent, it is the highest leveraging thing you will do but you WILL need a trusted partner to support you. Graft is built on service and delivery not commission structures.

Finding talent is hard. We are not going to dumb down our work it takes a lot of focused time and attention and a network that has grown over 2 decades.

No shortcuts we commit to the search and add value. Simply put, people trust us.

Grafters and clients rave about working with us.

We partner with a carefully curated list of clients who want to recruit with integrity and detail matters to them they understand the complexities of finding the right hires and we support them every step of the way through our partnership.

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With Graft, it always felt different. I was more than just a number and Mel’s infectious enthusiasm made the job search an enjoyable experience. With such a strong network, I would encourage anyone looking for the next opportunity to give Mel a call.


Melanie is like no other recruiter, she becomes your partner and works with you to figure out the best path for you. I have never had an experience quite like it and am thankful every day for the job Mel helped me to find!


Fantastic, I can’t speak highly enough of the entire process. Before I started working with Graft I was going round in circles, applying for companies that weren’t the right fit for me and dealing with other recruiters who just saw me as a commodity.

Melanie at Graft spent time getting to know me, the values I hold, and the type of workplace I wanted to go into – no quick 10-minute phone call and a scattergun approach to sending my CV out! I had someone on my side who wasn’t just looking for a quick cash grab from a placement, Melanie genuinely cared about where I ended up.

Seven months on, I can hand on heart say Graft got me my dream job.


Mel is a brilliant person, who has great knowledge of her clients and what she's looking for in a person. Her strong relationships and understanding of her roles instantly give you reassurances that Mel is getting in touch for a reason rather than just a speculative call. Mel guided me through my process in an excellent manner and I would highly recommend to anyone in the future


Team Graft has gone above and beyond to help me prepare for life after university. She is not only a very supportive person, but she is also someone who understands people and will do everything she can to find you your ideal role/company.


Graft is so much more than simply a recruiter. From the moment we spoke on the phone, I knew good things were to come. Melanie seemed to know me and my abilities, better than I knew myself, given that we never actually got to meet in person due to covid, it is astonishing the relationship she built with me and the time she spent helping me secure an amazing opportunity. I can’t thank Graft enough and would highly recommend them for anyone who is confused with their career path or looking for a refreshing change!


Graft recently helped me to secure a new role. I was so impressed by how much time they dedicated to getting to know me so that they could match me with the right role and company. Melanie is professional, approachable and has a way of building confidence in you. I was kept in the loop at every stage of the process, and she provided me with fantastic advice and guidance, ensuring that I had everything that I needed before going into interviews. I highly recommend Graft as a partner in your job search!


Graft Talent helped me find my first Digital Marketing role after graduating. Mel’s team were super helpful and took the time to understand what I was looking for. I would highly recommend to any job hunters in the North!


Thank you to everyone at Team Graft, especially Melanie. Melanie is an innovate and genuine recruitment consultant with a fantastic network of tech leaders in the North. A passionate and responsive recruiter who really cares for candidates and working with you to support your search - working with her was totally different to the usual recruitment experience. She took time to understand what I was looking for and worked really hard to match my skills with companies and facilitate conversations with CEOs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.


Graft was such a pleasure to work with and took all the stress out of job searching. I felt supported every step of the way, and I felt like you really listened to my needs in terms of what I'm looking for in my career and offered me positions according to that.



    Let us know the role you are looking to fill and we will arrange a kick off meeting to take the forensic detail about the position which you are looking to fill.


    We will then kick start the search and leverage our networks to engage high intent and hard to find talent to shortlist potential hires for you.


    We meet everyone face to face it is one of our core values, we invest the time to screen and qualify each candidates so we can send you a screened shortlist for you to interview.

We’re in a class of our own